cooroy legends – the Lane’s

Ivor Lane

As we arrive at Ivor’s home in the beautiful hinterland town of Cooroy we are greeted by Ivor Lane’s big smile and taken inside his heartfelt home. Anyone who has had the joy of meeting Ivor Lane would say Ivor’s home is a reflection of himself, a true gentlemen with a heart of gold.

Ivor’s lounge room is filled with beautiful pictures of the past. There is a strapping young fellow in an army uniform which sure enough is Ivor when he was just 19 years of age. As we talk about the photographs and the war. Ivor shares “there was no joy in it, that’s for sure. But like all of the men those days we had no choice.”

Ivor was born in Gympie in. Unfortunately Ivor’s mother died when he was just three days old. Ivor was reared by his grand parents who owned a farm on Middle Creek Rd. Like most of the kids in those days Ivor had to hike three and a half miles everyday to Federal School.

Ivor spent his childhood on the farm at Middle Creek and at 16 years of age, at a dance at the Cooroy Memorial hall, met the love of his life, Jessie, who was 14. We asked Ivor what was it about Jessie that caught his attention – “her gleaming eyes” he remembers. From this moment on Ivor and Jessie never looked back. At 19 years of age Ivor was sent to war. Jessie wrote to Ivor until he returned to marry her at the old Presbyterian church in Miva St.

Ivor and Jessie’s wedding was memorable for more than one reason. Jessie arrived on her wedding day at the old Presbyterian church where the minister asked the whereabouts of the groom. Ivor’s well meaning friend Bruce had forgotten to pick Ivor up! Ivor, who had spent the night before the wedding with his bestman was dressed in his best and with his bestman was waiting at the pub for his trusty friend to pick them up and transport them to Ivor and Jessie’s wedding. Ivor quickly realised he had been forgotten so started trotting down the main street of Cooroy to get to his wedding. The main street in those days was just a gravel road. Cars used to cross over the railway as the bridge was not even thought of. All of a sudden Bruce, his trusty friend, came roaring down the main street in an early model Peugeot. With the sharp, pointy nose of the Peugeot he screams down the street and did a uey in front of Ivor and his bestman, leaving both of them covered in dirt on Ivor’s wedding day. Inspite of all this drama, Ivor and Jessie not only got married but enjoyed decades of life happily married.

Ivor proudly served in the police force for 35 years years. He and Jessie lived in many towns throughout Queensland. On one of their many holidays to the Sunshine Coast Ivor and Jessie bought a block of land in Pinetree Drive, Cooroy. Ivor and Jessie built a comfortable home in this prestigious location. This home was the third home to be built in Pinetree Drive. Ivor has some wonderful stories to tell about helping neighbours out with their farming adventures.

Ivor and Jessie had two boys – photographs of Ivor and Jessie’s two boys and their families decorate the lounge room of Ivor’s warm and friendly home.

Ivor and Jessie were married for an outstanding 60 years. Sadly Jessie passed almost 3 years ago.

When we ask Ivor what he loves about Cooroy the most, he replies “I married her”. You just have to hear Ivor speak about Jessie and you know that Ivor loved Jessie was and still is the love of Ivor’s life.

We asked Ivor what he felt was the biggest change he had seen in Cooroy and quiet definitely Ivor replies “the infrastructure. Ivor feels Cooroy has really progressed”.

Lucky last question – “Ivor, is there anything that needs to change in Cooroy?” ” Nope, I like everything here. This is my home and has been for a long, long time.”