cooroy legends – the Wilson’s

Edmond & Pat Wilson

Edmund and Pat Wilson’s Oak St home exudes that warm, friendly atmosphere that Cooroy is renowned for and showcases some beautiful country memorabilia.

Edmund and Pat discovered the beautiful township of Cooroy whilst visiting their daughter, Jackie, some 12 years ago. They moved from 3,500 acres in Blainfed. The cold Blainfed climate caused them to move to the sunny Queensland coastline of Coolum.

Their love of wide, open space and the development that was drawing in on them in Coolum was the reason they started their search for the perfect country location to spend the rest of their lives. They discovered the unique hinterland town of Cooroy when one of their daughters decided to buy in the Cooroy Hinterland. For Edmund and Pat, it was love at first sight. They bought a beautiful 20 acre property in one of Cooroy’s most prestigious and scenic locations, Cooroy Mountain Road. The home on this picturesque property is a previous Endeavour Art Union home, a home built to impress. Edmund and Pat loved their time on Cooroy Mountain Road making friends with their wonderful neighbours. When asked what their favourite features of the beautiful Cooroy Mountain Rd property where? They answered, “the views, space and the good country.”

Both Edmund and Pat love the township of Cooroy. When asked what they love best about Cooroy, Pat laughs and says “the real estate agents!!!” Yes, she was joking!!! Pat continued on to say that “both Edmund and herself love Cooroy because it is a warm, country town that gives them everything they could ever need.”

We asked what their favourite thing to do in Cooroy is? “Go to lunch at Bistro Bistro, Cooroy Hotel or the RSL. Both the food and the friendly atmosphere are good.”

Both Edmund and Pat, who are in their 80’s decided it was time to move from their acreage property into the township of Cooroy. Luckily for me they fell in love with a low maintenance brick and tile home in Oak Street. Edmund and Pat have proven to be the perfect neighbours.

When asked what they would change about Cooroy? Without hesitation, they answered “the parking”. Like most of our Cooroy Legends the lack of parking seems to be an important issue.

Edmund and Pat have been married for 50 years and they both say they are spending the twilight years of their life in an idyllic location. We say that we are very grateful to have had Edmund and Pat choose Cooroy to be their home.