environmental commitment

Wythes Real Estate know just how important our beautiful environment is and have taken every step possible in creating an environmentally friendly office. The Wattle Street complex has been specifically designed with the environment in mind. The complex provides a unique insulated roofing systym allowing very little use for airconditioning. Glass walls surround the office space to provide ample light minimising the usage of lights throughout the day. There are bike racks available and showers to promote an environmental alternative to transport and most importantly we have used energy efficient lighting and appliances to ensure Wythes Real Estate makes a difference to the environment.

Wythes Real Estate promote many environmentally sustainable properties and are always willing to provide information to our clients on sustainability.

When selling a property you must complete a sustainability declaration form prior to marketing your property. Wythes Real Estate can provide these forms. Please click on the link to see an example of a sustainability declaration form.

make a difference to our environment!