Cooroy legends – the Christensen’s

Serrelle, Ken and Col Christensen

The girls at Wythes Real Estate had the absolute pleasure of catching up with Ken and Serrelel Christensen, iconic Cooroy locals, who have lived and breathed the idyllic Cooroy lifestyle for over 58 years. The Christensen family has lived in the Cooroy area for over 100 years – four generations of Christensen family all contributing to their definite Cooroy legend status. Ken is one of ten Christensen children, two girls and eight boys. Some would say that the Christensen dynasty makes up half of the Cooroy population.

Our first question to Ken was “how long have you lived in Cooroy?” With a huge smile Ken replies, “LIFE”. Ken was born in the original Cooroy hospital as were all of he and Serrelle’s four children, Scott, Dean, Ben & Kim. All four children and their children (Ken and Serrelle’s grandchildren) live in the town they have always called home.

Ken and Serrelle met at her sister’s wedding. Serrelle’s sister was marrying Ken’s brother, Ray. They were partners at the wedding, this partnership turning into a partnership for life, Ken and Serrelle marrying in 1970. Ken and Serrelle worked on their farm and then played a huge role in Cooroy running an extremely successful fruit shop called the Cooroy Fruit Bowl providing Cooroy with the best fruit and vegies in the district for over 20 years. They are now retired and continue to reside in an original Queenslander in Wattle St which is where they have lived for 35 years.

Serrelle reminisces on how fantastic the friendly town of Cooroy was to bring up her children.. Her kids played footy in the street with the neighbouring families, the Dwyers and the Blaines. “The Wattle St” gang was their name, laughs Serrelle.. To this day they are still all best friends who catch up regularly to go fishing or simply to have a cup of tea. Serrelle says that the fact that all of her children have chosen Cooroy to live in and raise their own families is living proof of the wonderful childhood they all experienced.

We asked Ken and Serrelle what their favourite feature of Cooroy was. Their answer was simple – the people, Ken and Serrelle commented that whilst working in the fruit and vegie shop she got to know so many fabulous Cooroy people. Serrelle and Ken got to know not only their customers but also their families. Ken and Serrelle said that they were the days of knowing a customers needs intimately and doing everything possible to satisfy those needs. They also love the close proximity to beaches, Brisbane and the many transport options.

In two seconds flat Ken answered the question “What has been the biggest change in Cooroy?” Ken answered “LAND PRICES”. Both Ken and Serrelle also felt a lot of the major industries like the mill and brick works had been closed and Cooroy was definitely becoming an area for the retirees..

As the laughs continue Ken’s brother arrives. Col has also spent his entire life in Cooroy. Col is also a Cooroy Legend

Col like Ken and Serrelle, believes it’s the people he loves best about Cooroy because they are so friendly. Col also loves the fact Cooroy has kept its rural look.

Col speaks of some concerns with the traffic in Cooroy and the lack of parking. He also has concerns with the councils amalgamation saying rates are going up and our services are coming down. The super council its just too big he states.

The last question to the Christensens was “would you ever leave Cooroy?” and they all answer at the same time “NO”.

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