Cooroy Legends – the Dwyer’s

Neil and Amy Dwyer

Wattle St Cooroy is home to many of Cooroy’s Legends. And another visit to this fantastic street lands us at another legendry household, the household of Neil & Amy Dwyer.

Would you believe that Neil and Amy sat side by side in year 1 at the Cooroy Primary School and were married in Cooroy’s Catholic Church 40 years ago. . Neil is one of 3 boys. He grew up in Maple Street where the Dwyer family Queenslander still proudly sits. Amy’s maiden name is Bonnell (another Cooroy Legend family which will feature in another edition of our Cooroy Legend series) and grew up in the Bonnell family home which is located in Wattle Street. This home is now the home of yet another Cooroy Legend family, the Luff family.where another Cooroy legend Trevor Luff now resides in the original Bonnell home.

Neil and Amy have two boys, Trent and Dane, both born at the Cooroy hospital and both still residing in Cooroy. . Neil played a big role in Cooroy dedicating 25 years to the development and rebuilding of the sporting grounds in the 1990s. Neil commented that during this time the members of the committee all got together and spent time and energy making the new grounds what they are today.

Neil speaks of the rugby league in Cooroy which they kicked off in 1978. We asked Neil if it was a big event and with a laugh he replies “oh, it was unbelievable. On a Sunday afternoon it was always absolutely packed out. They even played Mal Meninga on Cooroy’s home ground.” Amy tells us how Mal played under 18’s, reserve and A grade all in one afternoon . A local Cooroy supporter commented that he thought Mal was a hopeless player and would n’t go anywhere. Neil disagreed and said he thought Mal would play in the big league and as we all know this proved to be correct.

Neil’s parents were farmers who farmed a 200 acre property on Gumboil Rd. He laughs as he remembers his dad selling it for $22,000 in 1972. Neil also tells us of how he purchased his ¼ acre in Wattle Street for a total of $600.

We asked Neil and Amy what they feel has been the biggest change in Cooroy. They replied without hesitation, development! Cooroy was all farms and now there are only one or two dairy farms left.

When asked what needs to change in Cooroy they answered “the traffic. Not enough parking and the new intersection should be changed. It’s a danger. We believe there is ample parking behind the RSL which is owned by the railways. It should be sealed and used for public parking. Over 15 years ago the sealing of this area and night security were spoken about. We think this is a a great idea – why has this still not happened????”

What they love about Cooroy? “ It has everything – enough great doctors, dentists, a fantastic rehabilitation hospital, speciality shops and fabulous fresh local produce outlets to keep us all happy. People from all over travel to enjoy the friendly and unique country atmosphere. We are just far enough away from Noosa and Brisbane and think we live in the perfect place”.

A good laugh is had when we ask Neil if he would ever leave Cooroy and he replies “NO, they’ll stick me up on the hill.”

Cooroy is what it is today because of legends like Neil and Amy.

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