Making a written offer on a property

This is a very exciting time, as you have found the property you want to purchase and the next step is to make a written offer.

We will guide you through this process and will ask that you supply us with the following information:

  1. The name you wish to purchase the property in.
  2. The purchase price.
  3. The deposit you would like to secure the property with.
  4. Any special conditions you would like in the contract.
  5. If you need a building and pest inspection clause or a finance clause included.
  6. Any fixtures and chattels you would like included in the contract.
  7. A settlement date (when you wish to own the property).

The seller will either accept your offer, make a counteroffer with one or more changes, or reject it outright.

Deciding What Price to Offer

There is invaluable information Wythes Real Estate can provide you with in deciding what offer to make on a property:

  • how much comparable properties have recently sold for
  • statistics to show whether you are in a buyer’s market, i.e. lots of homes on the market and not a lot of activity in the marketplace or a seller’s market, i.e. not many homes on the market and lots of buyers looking at property
  • the seller’s needs – whether the seller needs to move quickly or whether the sale time is not an issue
  • the history of the property – how old is the property, who built it, the construction etc
  • whether the house is uniquely valuable to you, for example if you need an in-law unit or art studio,
  • what you can afford, after a careful examination of your budget

After considering all these factors, you should be in a position to decide on a realistic offer.

Your team at Wythes Real Estate want to make the purchase of your property as easy as possible. The process of purchasing a property is meant to be enjoyable and stress free. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your buying experience is just that.

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