Maximising the Price You Achieve for Your Property

At Wythes Real Estate we have had over 20 years of property sales experience and are able to provide you with helpful hints on how to achieve the best price for your property.

Maximising the Price You Achieve for Your Property - Wythes Real Estate

1. An absolute must! Professional photography will show your property to its full potential and attract many more buyers to your home. We are all very visual and great photos will mean more buyers are attracted to your home and this means the spirit of competition will ensure you achieve the maximum price for your property. These photographs are a great investment as they are used in every aspect of the marketing of your home, i.e. newspaper advertising, the internet, the front window display, on the plasma screens, on signage and brochures.

2. Ensure your home is clean and tidy when purchasers are inspecting. We recommend you declutter and show your home to its full potential.

3. Information – give as much information to us here at Wythes Real Estate about the benefits of your property. It is beneficial for us to hear the reasons you bought your property as this will more than likely be the reason the next buyer purchases your property.

4. Open House – make sure your home has all blinds and shades drawn, the fireplace is alight, the doors are open and the house smells refreshing and clean. We will recommend any ideas to enhance your property.

5. Advertise – We have researched over 20 years where buyers find their properties and the internet and newspaper are by far the greatest resource to all buyers. We will create a specific marketing campaign to ensure every buyer sees your property.

6. Attend open homes so you are familiar with the market and your immediate competition.

7. We will create a special booklet promoting all the features of your property. This booklet will ensure that your property is given the exposure it needs.

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