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Selling Tips - Wythes Real Estate

Selling your property is extremely exciting and to ensure that you obtain the optimum sale price for your home we recommend the following:-

Spring Clean

There is nothing more appealing than to enter a home that looks and smells fresh and clean. Really go to town – clean curtains, walls, ovens, skirting boards, windows and anything else that normally doesn’t get too much attention. Touch up paintwork that is starting to show the signs of wear and waterblast all exterior pathways and pavers. If your roof or outdoor entertainment area needs a demould then attend to this as well. You will love the result as it is like giving your home a facelift.


This is very difficult for many of us but once again, you will love the end result. This is the perfect time to hold a garage sale and capitalize on the decluttering process. Be hard on yourself and go for a minimalistic style. The lack of clutter will result in your home looking larger and cleaner. Remember the whole point of this makeover is to achieve a good price for your home.

Soft Furnishings

Put your critical glasses on and have a good look at your bed coverings, cushions and other soft furnishings such as curtains and throws. Do they need replacing or simply enhancing? By changing or enhancing your soft furnishings you can give a new lease of life to the appearance of your home. Another economical method of achieving more money for your home.

Light & Bright

One of the most common negatives of a property is that it is not light enough. Sometimes this can easily be remedied by simply trimming back greenery from gardens that are close to the windows in your home or by changing the paint colour of a feature wall or hallway. Certain colours darken a home – ask us to advise you on what colour changes to make if your home is not light enough. A dark home has a negative psychological affect on buyers and has to be avoided at all cost. We want the buyers who inspect your home to feel an atmosphere of good energy.

Property Maintenance

Attend to any repairs. When your home sells the buyers will no doubt have a building and pest inspection so by doing the repairs now you are removing any obstacles that may prevent your property from selling. It is also a good idea to clear any gardens away from the exterior of your home as this will make the pest inspection more positive.

Add Some Colour

An ordinary garden can be made to look spectacular with the clever use of colourful shrubs or flowers. First impressions count – make sure you make the most of every buyer inspection.

Your Beloved Pet

Yes, we know you love your pooch or pussy, but not all buyers are pet lovers. It is a wonderful idea to take your pets for a walk while the inspections are taking place. If you are at work when the inspection is scheduled then try & organise a neighbour or friend to take your pet for a walk or place them in an area where they will not jump all over the buyers. Be mindful of pet odours as this can be a definite turn off to buyers. Remember, this is all about getting the extra dollars.

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