The Evolution of Property Marketing: How Wythes Market Your Property to Sell 

The most important element of marketing your property for sale is ensuring the listing is seen by the widest and most relevant audience possible. This comes hand-in-hand with choosing the right real estate agent and a reputable agency.

Before choosing an agency, sellers should first understand how industry leaders market and sell properties.

The Digital Difference

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, buyers and property enthusiasts are going online to search (or window shop) for their next home more than any other platform. For example,’s audience has grown by 50 per cent in the past 12 months to a massive 13.1 million active users.

While most listing enquiries are generated through, it’s important to have several touch points to reach qualified buyers where they are most likely to take action. In a recent interview with Sue Niittyaho from, Wythes’ Director and Principal Sirah Robb said it was vital to show listings across multiple digital platforms, including social media, email marketing and more.

“We know that people need more than one touch point to take action. So if we’re attracting someone by having multiple touch points in multiple marketing mediums, we know that we’ve uncovered every single buyer that’s attracted to that property and we can ultimately negotiate the highest price for our sellers,” she said.


At Wythes Real Estate, we undertake a diverse range of paid and organic digital marketing activities in order to achieve the best results. This has helped us reach over 2.5 million people in the past year alone, solely from the digital component of our campaigns, exposing our listings to a huge audience and helping our clients achieve their dream sale price.

In Sue’s Sit Down With Sirah interview, she said demand for Sunshine Coast properties had never been stronger. Due to the increased number of interstate buyers, online searches had widened to include more surrounding areas. For example, searches for ‘Noosa Hinterland’ have increased by 81% in the past year.

“People may not necessarily know our local suburbs here. They may not know Doonan or Cooroy, but they do know Noosa,” Sue said.

“That’s where your marketing comes into play, by being able to reach into those adjacent markets and present buyers with properties that they may not have considered because they didn’t know that suburb existed.”


A Holistic Approach

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is a key element in selling a home in the current market. However, traditional mediums like print can still make a huge difference, especially in a regional area.

Great agents and agencies have a focus on supporting their local communities while making the most of proven tactics like press ads, flyer drops, events and word-of-mouth. 

“We have to use every single medium we can so that we can uncover every single buyer and then create that competition for our sellers that will then elevate the purchase price, and achieve the best outcome possible,” Sirah said.

“That covers things like newspapers; the casual buyers who are just out there flicking through the paper. They see it in the paper, they’ve seen it on, they’ve been tracked in a social media campaign that’s very targeted.”

Nothing works in isolation, so it’s important to understand which mediums will get the best return on investment.

“An effective marketing campaign is one that has enough different initiatives involved, and they all dove-tail together to get the client the best result. You’ve really got to have a plan as to where your buyers are going to come from,” Sue said.


At Wythes, we work closely with a third-party marketing company to elevate our marketing. This has enabled us to continually achieve the best results for our sellers through a holistic approach to marketing on print and digital mediums.


Industry Leading Property Marketing

It’s important to understand how your property will be marketed before listing your home for sale. During Sue’s interview, she said sellers should look closely at an agent or agency’s approach by researching their previous listings, looking closely at any reviews and asking for a formulated plan as to how their property would be marketed.

“If they’re offering free marketing, it’s usually because it’s limiting the audience that they’re actually reaching out to. Because there’s no funds being invested in it, you don’t know when they’re negotiating a deal for you how many people they’ve actually missed out on.”

Not all ads are created equally. According to Sue, 61% of the audience does not scroll past page one. Therefore it’s vital to invest in your listing to ensure it’s being seen by the most qualified audience.

At Wythes, our premium digital package includes premiere listings, paid and targeted social media campaigns and email notifications.

The reality is that anyone can sell a home in 2021. But property owners who want to achieve the highest possible price should partner with an agency with the experience and skill to get them the best results.

“We’ve seen it where we have sold properties for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than where the owners’ expectation was initially, and that’s all to do with our skillset and our marketing expertise,” Sirah said.


Community Matters

In 2021, it is vital for successful agencies to have a strong community of property buyers. Sue said that in the current digital market, agencies needed to take a strategic approach and connect with people through innovative technology.

“If you have got that tribe of people who have got their hands up wanting information, if you can reach out to them when there’s an opportunity coming up, that’s imperative in a market like this,” she said.

The Wythes community of buyers includes about 10,000 qualified people who regularly engage with our listings and marketing efforts. This shortens the time on market for our sellers and helps achieve the best results possible.


If you’re looking to get the best results for your property through a holistic marketing approach, contact one of our Wythes Real Estate agents today.

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