Style for Success: Showcase Your Property for Sale with Wythes

Property styling is a proven technique to ensure you’re maximising the aesthetic appeal of your home. This brings warmth and life to your property, helping to attract more buyers and help them see the home’s full potential.

In the current real estate market, a well-styled home is vital in giving your home the ‘wow factor’ it deserves. In the most recent episode of Sit Down With Sirah, Wythes’ Director and Principal Sirah Robb discusses the benefits of home styling with Liane Jacobs from Showcase Property Styling.


Attract more buyers​

Property styling, or “home staging”, is the process of preparing a property or home for sale. Styling can range from simply rearranging furniture and decluttering to furnishing and decorating an empty home.

“Most buyers are looking online before they view a home in person, and so they need to see it represented beautifully. Professional styling gives homes that ability to have magazine-worthy photos so that people will fall in love and come and visit them,” Liane said.

“A professionally-styled home is aesthetically more pleasing, which to the buyer adds perceived value. We call it perceived value, but it becomes real value, because that way they love the home and they want to make it their own.”

Styling can “neutralise” even the busiest homes and give potential buyers the ability to see themselves living there without any distractions. Property stylists take away the stress of preparing your home for sale. Most of all, they help your listing get a great first impression.

How property styling can impact your sale​

Professional property stylists are familiar with the current market trends and demographics to which you are marketing. They can use their expert knowledge to help you create a look and feel that will appeal to a particular kind of buyer.

As Sirah says in her discussion with Liane, a professional stylist helps potential buyers create an emotional connection with the home.

“The volume of buyers that we get in properties that have been styled has increased, because it creates that desire. As an agent, the more buyers you have interested in a property, the better outcome you can achieve for your client,” Sirah said.

Property styling not only attracts buyers by helping them visualise themselves in the home, it can also cut down the time on market and achieve a much higher purchase price.

“We find that our clients sell their homes within weeks, even days, after going on the market when the home is styled,” Liane said.

Home styling has never been easier​

Most people have never had their home professionally styled, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done. But professional home staging has never been easier. With businesses like Showcase Property Styling, all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the process.

“I think we get used to living in our own home and we sometimes forget to see the beautiful things. As stylists, we find the focal points or what we call the ‘hero shots’ in homes. That way we can rearrange things, or anything else that needs to be done, so that we can get the best results,” Liane said.

“When buyers walk in, they see exactly what we want them to see. Then they can feel comfortable and like they’d like to live in that home.

Whether it’s furnishing and styling an empty property or rearranging and modernising what’s already in the home, there are options for everyone. Engaging a professional property stylist can add so much value to your home.


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